No wedding or event is complete without a memorable culinary experience. Men with Knives Catering is Alpine’s exclusive in-house food and beverage and event-planning partner. A company with fine-dining sensibility and a gourmet flair, they prepare delicious fare featuring regional produce influenced by global cuisine, with service that suits the classiest of affairs.

Proprietors Julie and Gareth Carter enjoy helping you to create a food experience that matches your style. Men with Knives provides menu samples that serve as a starting point for customization. Owners Julie and Gareth travel the world, sampling the fare of each destination, and they enjoy bringing this creativity to your wedding. Start with a service type and a sample menu, and make adjustments from there.


Traditional plated service is classic. For a more casual approach, family-style service brings platters to the table and allows guests to serve themselves to suit their tastes. Food station service, each offering a different dish or theme, is not unlike a restaurant without the wait time, and guests can satisfy their preferences while socializing. Or opt for a buffet, a good option for a less formal or large event.

If you’re not sure about menu or service choices, Men with Knives offers wedding tastings in the spring and fall. Join in with a party of up to six and sample a selection of seasonal fare.

Dockside Winter 2019

Read “The Taste of Excellence,” published by Dockside, Winter 2019.

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